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Yoga4Health with The Yoga In Healthcare Alliance



Yoga In Healthcare Alliance (YIHA) is a UK-registered charity devoted to integrating the advantages of yoga into healthcare. YIHA works with the NHS and different well being professionals to help sufferers and assist them make way of life adjustments. YIHA was commissioned by the NHS to create the 10-week Yoga4Health social prescribing programme which is delivered by Yoga4Health lecturers within the UK and overseas.

Paul Fox, Chief Working Officer, Yoga In Healthcare Alliance says…

“The Yoga4Health programme is about empowering individuals to find how significantly better they’ll really feel by adopting a easy day by day yoga apply. A big proportion of sickness could possibly be prevented or mitigated if individuals grew to become extra lively and adjusted unhealthy behaviours for wholesome ones. Activating sufferers to really feel they’re in command of their well being and may take steps to spice up their bodily and psychological wellbeing is vital. On the identical time, our programme goals to take them on a good looking journey into their physique, breath and thoughts to change into extra accepting, conscious, aware and sort to themselves. It’s self-care by tapping into this highly effective mind-body medication: yoga”.

I used to be drawn to coaching as a Yoga4Health instructor as thought it was really nice to listen to of an organisation that was linking yoga with healthcare to assist individuals to enhance their very own wellbeing, one that’s inclusive, accessible and would additionally cut back the burden on the NHS via lowered want for GP appointments. The Yoga4Healthcare programme is for NHS sufferers who’re: prone to Sort 2 diabetes, heart problems, affected by stress, anxiousness,  delicate to trendy despair or social isolation.

The Yoga4Health programme is actually accessible as individuals can practise the set sequence from their chair or a yoga mat. What I like is the truth that everybody begins the opening sequence from the chair. Fellow graduate of Yoga4Health, Dr Chang and I’ve included some snippets from the protocol to point out you.

Deepest gratitude to Heather Mason & Paul Fox of YIHA for his or her dedication to growing such a terrific programme. Beneath are a number of postures from the programme, detailing chair and mat choices.

The props which are wanted for a typical Yoga4Health protocol are: Chair, yoga mat, foam block or cork block, blanket and yoga belt.

The apply begins and ends with sitting bringing consideration to your breath. The breath apply builds all through the ten weeks from observing breath, shifting to an ocean breath and a coherent, equal ratio breath by the top of the ten week programme. Contributors are directed to their breath via apply.

1. Seated Twist

Floor toes on mat or foam block if wanted for consolation. Inhale, with a tall backbone, exhale to the suitable. Maintain for 2-3 breaths. Inhale, flip your head solely to the centre. Take  2 extra breaths. Return to centre and repeat on Left. Twists are releasing for the backbone and launch rigidity. The Seated Twist is a part of the opening sequence which is seated for all.

2. Light BackBend

Carry arms behind again to the place it’s snug and maintain the perimeters of the chair. Roll shoulders again and down, lifting the chest, draw shoulder blades collectively. Maintain for 4-5 breaths. Then fold ahead to launch and luxuriate in a decrease again stretch for a number of breaths. This Backbend is a part of the opening sequence which is seated for all.

3. Chair Hamstring stretch

Sit with a tall backbone, shoulders away from ears. Maintain the belt frivolously in every hand. Inhale, bend proper knee, exhale stretch leg away, prolong to the place feels snug. That is nice for opening and lengthening the hamstrings. Repeat this 4-5 instances. If you end up prepared to modify legs, floor the suitable foot, pause earlier than repeating on left leg.

Mat Hamstring stretch

If snug help the pinnacle and neck with a folded blanket. Maintain the belt frivolously in every hand. Inhale, bend proper knee, exhale stretch leg in the direction of ceiling, prolong to the place feels snug. Repeat 4-5 instances. If you end up prepared to modify sides floor the suitable foot and pause earlier than repeating on the left leg. Preserve the pelvis in touch with the mat all through the apply.

4. Chair Down Canine

Use the again of the chair. Inhale look forwards, exhale, take Down Canine, aiming to align head inside higher arms. Inhale, maintain Down Canine, give attention to size within the backbone; exhale and look forwards once more. Repeat this 3-5 instances sustaining connection to your breath. Utilizing the again of the chair removes the burden from the shoulders and wrists which can provide extra accessibility for some individuals.

Mat Down Canine

Use a folded blanket to help knees. Come to all fours, tuck toes, inhale lengthen backbone. Exhale, raise the hips excessive, keep on toes/balls of toes, knees bent. Inhale, maintain Down Canine and additional lengthen backbone if snug. Exhale, decrease knees. Repeat 3-5 instances, shifting with breath. Posture may be held if that feels snug over shifting dynamically.

5. Chair Warrior II

Sit comfortably with a tall backbone, open proper hip and prove left leg, Draw palms collectively as you inhale, flip head, prolong arms away,  Exhale return to centre, repeating 4-5 instances. Retaining connection to breath as you progress, noticing area in chest and hips. Pause earlier than repeating on L aspect.

If individuals can stand with help of the chair, the Mat Warrior II described  under  may be adopted with one arm on the chair as the opposite arm extends as knee bends on inhale. Straighten leg and attract arm on exhale, repeat 4-5 instances.

Mat Warrior II

Dealing with the lengthy aspect of your mat,  take as broad of a stance as is snug. Flip proper leg out to roughly 80 levels. Carry palms collectively, inhale, flip head, prolong arms and lunge proper leg. Attempt to hold the knee in step with the 2nd toe throughout this lunge. Shifting with the breath transfer straighten let after which lunge again into Warrior II 5 instances on proper leg. Exhale and return to the beginning place. If you end up prepared to modify sides, carry the toes collectively and pause earlier than repeating on left.


6. Tree Pose with Chair

Utilizing the again of a Chair presents stability for individuals which are capable of stand. Begin by holding the chair, root left foot down into the mat and convey proper heel to ankle or shin, turning Proper hip out. If snug, raise the suitable arm, extending it like a tree department. This pose helps to construct stability and stability. If you end up prepared to vary sides floor the suitable foot, pause and repeat on the opposite aspect. Maintain all sides of Tree Pose for 4-5 breaths.

Tree Pose with out Chair

Use a wall for stability if wanted. Elevate the suitable heel inserting it under or above the left knee. Keep consciousness of your breath as you press the thigh and foot into one another. Inhale, elevate arms overhead, exhale and root into your tree for five breaths. Floor and pause earlier than repeating with the left leg.

For extra data of Yoga4Health protocol please go to the Yoga In Healthcare Alliance website.

Yvonne is a Yogamatters Group Chief. She began practising yoga in 2006 and has been instructing since 2018. Yvonne holds a 350-hour Yoga Trainer Diploma and 33-hour Restorative Practices, each from triyoga, London. Earlier than instructing yoga, Yvonne had a protracted profession as a HR Enterprise Associate. Within the spring of 2020, she switched to full time yoga instructing to realize private stability and to share the advantages of Restorative & Hatha Yoga. Yvonne’s instructing is aware, grounded and alignment centered. She is keen about Restorative Yoga and the advantages it could actually have on our our bodies.


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