What the New Moon in Pisces Means for You


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When Pisces meets the new Moon on February 20, 2023, magic is in the air. Pisces is the most spiritual sign of the zodiac, and her energy reminds us that we are spiritual beings in human form. This energy teaches us that we are one with everything. We are made of the same energy as the Sun, the Moon, and all of the stars.

We are also one with our dreams. Everything we want is already ours. Every wish, desire, and vision is in the realm of possibility because energetically, we are already living it on some level. Our job is to break down the barriers within us that prevent us from receiving our highest visions. By working with this new Moon in the waters of Pisces, we can feel the infinite flow of life and energetically align with our dreams’ frequency.

What the New Moon in Pisces Means for You

The key to this new Moon is to just be, allowing inspiration to come from the Universe. We often feel that we need to do something to manifest our dreams. This Moon teaches us that we do not need to do anything. We merely need to receive guidance from ourselves and the Universe.

The energy of Pisces, like the ocean, helps quiet the noise around us, giving way to our inner knowledge. If there was ever a Moon to meditate on, this is it. Spend some time sitting in meditation and be open to receiving guidance. Suspend any preconceived notions about what you should be feeling or experiencing, and get in touch with what is. Experience yourself in your as-is state, not trying to shift or cause anything to happen. In this simple energy of being, you become receptive to knowledge in the form of ah-ha moments, flashes of insight, feelings of direction, and pulls of inner knowing.

We often think our intuition is challenging to recognize, but once you learn to quiet your mind’s fluctuations, your intuition shines through so brightly that you won’t be able to ignore it. Your intuition comes in waves of feelings. When you feel it, you’ll know. It becomes easier to recognize when you become aware of your emotional reactions.

When you are in a reactive state, it can be more challenging to hear your inner knowledge. Spend time calming your nervous system, through breathing exercises and meditation, to shift from a state of reaction to a state of being. If you feel yourself becoming triggered at any time, bring your attention back to your breath and the present moment. Align with Pisces to think of yourself as the ocean. There will be times when your waves will rise, but it’s always in your power to calm yourself. In a calm state, you can hear your intuition more clearly and can receive from it and the Universe the information you need for your visions.

Along with being and receiving, this Moon is a time to imagine. Pisces inspires us to feel our most creative self. This is a Moon made for daydreams. Give yourself permission to let your mind wander—not down a rabbit hole of anxious thoughts but to new destinations in your imagination.

Allow yourself to dream. Feel your visions coming to life as you see yourself living the life you want to live. Imagine anything you want, and notice if your logical mind tells you it’s impossible. This resistance is the first key to finding the barriers that prevent your dreams from becoming a reality. Notice what you tell yourself about your wildest dreams. What do you think is possible and impossible? Why?

Notice if and when you put the brakes on your visions and ask yourself why. Perhaps you experience fear in some part of your body when you allow yourself to dream past what you think is possible. Or maybe some part of you feels you don’t deserve your dreams. Often, we need to tell ourselves we are worthy of our visions in order for them to appear.

As you dare yourself to imagine this new Moon, become keenly aware of subtle shifts in your physical, mental, and emotional bodies to your dreams. Seek out the resistance and the barriers to your dreams and dissolve them with the waters of Pisces.

As you work with this new Moon, it’s helpful to notice what feelings arise each step of the way. Begin by writing down the statement “I feel…” and allow your consciousness to fill in the rest. Write down everything you feel in the moment, without restriction. After you’ve emptied your feelings onto the paper, take a few deep breaths and feel the moment. Ask yourself what you now understand about yourself after exploring your feelings. Be open to any answer that arises. Continue building awareness around your feelings and your understandings throughout the day.

Pisces teaches us that feelings hold information. By allowing ourselves to dive deeper and deeper into our consciousness, we unravel the mysteries of our energy. Through conscious awareness, we can uncover our blocks, visions, inspiration, and capacity to manifest any dream.

Once you’ve allowed yourself to imagine and envision your dreams, this new Moon in Pisces teaches you to trust the process. Pisces reminds us to receive, to be, to imagine, then to trust and surrender. It’s also important to note that the path to your visions may not look anything like you’ve imagined. The Universe has interesting methods to get us to our dreams, and you may need to endure challenges or confusing circumstances to get there.

This process is where trust is involved. It’s your job to hold the vision of your intentions, know that they will manifest, and even be grateful for them having already occurred. It’s not always your job to direct the flow of the path to get you where you want or are meant to be. However, Pisces reminds you that flowing with life will get you to places that forcing never could. While there will undoubtedly be times when you need to make a decision or take action, it’s essential to become aware of when you need to flow with what life is handing you.

Also, if you need to decide, practice being with your intuition and settling your mind before making the decision. It will be easier to determine your course of action when coming from a place of grounded, inner knowing.

Flowing with life, though, can be challenging. It requires patience and the willingness to let go of, or shift, plans. You need to trust life to dance with it—and trust that the Universe is always handing you the wisdom your energy needs. Trusting your life process becomes challenging when things don’t go how your conscious mind wants them to or when life throws you curveballs. You may also need to surrender at times to the flow of your life.

Know there is a part of you that is connected to everything in the Universe. You hold all the knowledge of infinity. So when you surrender to the flow of the Universe, you are surrendering to yourself—the part of you that knows far more than you could ever realize and is connected to infinity.

Over this new Moon in Pisces, notice the ways you seek to control your life and the world around you. How do you choose to direct your flow, and how could you surrender more to the natural ebb and flow of the Universe? How can you trust the subtle pulls and shifts as the process of your life unfolds?

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How to Navigate the New Moon in Pisces

This New Moon in February 2023 is a time to practice the most observant self—the witness self. It is a time to watch sensations within, letting them pass instead of reacting to them. This non-reaction is the heart of mindfulness meditation, which starts by observing the feelings in each area of the body. The purpose of this meditation is to train the conscious and subconscious mind to not react to events internally or externally but merely observe them.

True observation is an art form— one that takes time, commitment, and understanding. By placing awareness methodically on each part of the body, you are holding space for sensations and emotions to be felt, seen, and released…READ MORE



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