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Supine Spinal Twist (Supta Matsyendrasana): Steps and Advantages


supine spinal twist (supta-matsyendrasana)


Supta Matsyendrāsana (सुप्ता मत्स्येन्द्रासन)

soup-tah mats-yane-draa-ah-sah-nah

Frequent Reclining spinal twist, Supta Jathara Parivartanasana
Kind  Supine twist
Stage Newbie 
Stretches Gluteus, Hamstrings, Hips, Knees and Neck
Strengthens Core and decrease again muscle groups

To maneuver deep into twisting poses your muscle groups must be warmed up. Supine spinal twist (Supta Matsyendrasana) is the yoga pose you’ll be able to attempt earlier than going into twisting poses to heat up again muscle groups. It lengthens and strengthens the backbone whereas additionally cleaning the interior organs. It’s a soothing pose that stretches the shoulder, again, legs, and neck.

The Sanskrit identify Supta Matsyendrasana comes from supta that means supine or reclined, matsya means fish, indra means ruler, and asana means pose. It’s mendacity down variation pose of well-liked Ardha Matsyendrasana. Matsyendra, generally often known as the “lord of the fishes”, is without doubt one of the legendary founders of hatha yoga. This pose can be referred to as Supta Jathara Parivartanasana.

To carry out this pose, the practitioner lies down on the again and twists from the decrease physique. The torso twists barely because the opposing hand presses towards the bent leg, bringing the knee to fall on the outer a part of the resting leg.

It’s a soothing posture that’s usually practiced in direction of the top of a yoga session. This pose acts as a counter to sitting and hunching which helps your posture in day by day life.

Step-by-step directions

  • Lie down in your again on the yoga mat together with your legs straight. 
  • Unfold your arms to the aspect, in step with the shoulders to type a T.
  • Inhale and bend the suitable leg, conserving the toes firmly on the mat.
  • Exhale and convey the suitable knee in direction of your chest whereas conserving the left leg straight.
  • Inhale and exhale whereas slowly bringing your proper knee in direction of the left aspect, over the midline. 
  • Internally rotate your proper hip in direction of the left in order that it stacks on high of the left hip. This can even twist your decrease again and backbone. 
  • Flip your head to the suitable aspect and preserve your gaze in your proper hand’s fingertips. 
  • Be sure that your shoulders and shoulder blades are firmly positioned on the yoga mat as they tend to carry whereas performing the twist.
  • As you exhale, let the gravity pull your proper leg down as an alternative of you forcing it to the touch the mat fully.
  • Launch the pose by bringing your head again to the middle alongside together with your leg and hips. 
  • Calm down on this pose for a couple of minutes and repeat the steps with the left leg.

Keep on this pose for 5-7 deep breaths. For restorative functions, you’ll be able to maintain it for a number of minutes.

Newbie’s Ideas

Freshmen could take into account modifying supine spinal twist with these factors:

  • One can keep away from turning the pinnacle sideways in case of stiffness or any discomfort. Present extra cushioning to the neck with a folded blanket or towel.
  • Don’t drive your knee to come back fully to the bottom. Transfer your knee over solely so far as is comfy for you.
  • You should use a yoga block or a cushion to position your bent knee for help should you totally can not drop it to the bottom.
  • Putting a folded blanket underneath the buttocks will give further padding.


Supta Matsyendrasana improves spinal mobility and because of its twisting impact, it will possibly support digestion. It gently stretches the glutes, chest, and hamstring muscle groups. Common practise of this pose can relieve decrease again ache and tight shoulders.

Listed below are some extra key advantages of performing supta matsyendrasana:

  • The inside organs profit from a improbable therapeutic massage by urgent the knee towards the stomach, which helps them detoxify and performance correctly.
  • Massaging of the decrease stomach additionally improves the digestive and elimination system relieving you of points equivalent to indigestion and constipation.
  • The twist to the decrease and center area of the backbone on the again strengthens the muscle groups across the backbone, will increase decrease again flexibility, and improves alignment, thus, decreasing again ache and different illnesses related to the backbone.
  • It causes the backbone to stretch, creating extra room between the vertebrae and letting power circulation extra freely all through the physique.
  • Ladies can relieve menstrual discomfort and again ache by doing Supta Matsyendrasana day by day.
  • It additionally improves thoracic blood circulation and the wellness of your nervous system.
  • The decrease stomach is pressed and the hips are twisted to help cut back fats across the hips and waist and firming them.
  • It reduces decrease again stiffness and aids within the circulation of recent blood.
  • It additionally helps with decrease again strengthening and decreasing stiffness from the hips which additional improves posture.
  • Supta matsyendrasana induces sleep. It is a wonderful method to alleviate each bodily and psychological exhaustion.

Variations and modifications

Supta matsyendrasana with eagle pose legs.

You may add some variations into conventional supta matsyendrasana steps for better impact:

Within the earlier talked about steps, in case your hip flexibility permits, place your left hand on the suitable knee to push it right down to the bottom. It is possible for you to to successfully enhance the quantity of stretch to the decrease again and hip muscle groups.

As a substitute of bringing one knee to the aspect, bend each your knees and twist your whole decrease physique. On this case, your hips and legs can be instantly stacked on high of one another and you’ll get a deeper vary of movement. It would improve your hip flexibility and it is possible for you to to attain extra stretch to the decrease again.

Supta matsyendrasana with eagle pose legs – Take your legs straight as much as 90 levels earlier than turning. Come into Eagle pose (Garudasana) legs by wrapping your proper leg round your left. Whereas conserving the legs interlaced, twist and convey the suitable knee to the left aspect of the torso. By doing this, you might be strengthening your knees and ankles.

Precautions and contraindications

Take precautions whereas performing supta matsyendrasana within the following circumstances:

  • Harm physique harm: In case you have a current surgical procedure or harm within the hip, decrease again, backbone, or knee, keep away from practising this pose.
  • Being pregnant: Pregnant girls ought to solely take into account practising this pose underneath the supervision of a yoga instructor. One can use a pillow between the knees to really feel extra comfy. Nonetheless, it shouldn’t be practised anyhow within the third trimester as it will possibly put stress on the stomach.
  • Hernia: Individuals with hernia or gastro-intestinal points ought to proceed with warning.

Preparatory Poses

Earlier than twisting in supta matsyendrasana, these poses may be practiced to heat up the physique:

Observe-up Poses

After performing this pose these rest pose may be practiced:


The supine spinal twist, because the identify suggests, is an efficient pose in your backbone. It fixes the alignment, lengthens it, strengthens the muscle groups round it, and removes the roundedness that comes from sitting hunches over the laptop computer. Furthermore, being a reclining pose, it is usually calming, which helps induce sleep and take away fatigue.


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