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Split Ender Pro 2 – at-Home – Cordless Split End Hair Trimmer – Includes Fixed ¼ – Trim Settings – Black


Get rids of split ends of hair with Talavera Split-Ender PRO 2. – Snips the ends, not the length! STS technology in combination with the 1/4-inch adjustment makes split ends cut accurately and safely. Removes split ends, damaged and brittle ends in minutes.

Use Split-Ender PRO 2 every 4 to 6 weeks. Split-Ender PRO 2 comes with a rechargeable battery that allows use wirelessly. Do not use the Split-Ender PRO 2 without charging the battery 3-4 hours before use. Split-Ender PRO 2 can also be used directly at the power outlet with the power charger included in the box.

To ensure that the product is ready to use, check the following points:  Open the lock located under the hair plate. Choose the correct arrow (always pointing down) located on the front (switch button).  Check that the transparent window is installed correctly.  Do not forget to wash, dry, brush, and divide the hair into fine strands. The product is designed for all hair types. Results of split end treatment may vary depending on hair conditions. Follow the instructions in the user man…


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