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Professional Portable Deep Tissue Massage Gun for Athletes – Strong Handheld Percussion


Professional Massages without the Noise

Do you need a percussive massage gun to get deep tissue massages and stimulate blood flow before and after athletic workouts?

Are you tired of the insane noise levels of most electric massage guns?

The brand new VI PRO Percussion Massager is extremely quiet without sacrificing any power or deep tissue capabilities.

The VI PRO can be successfully applied to tired and sore muscles all over your body with 4 easy to adjust percussive massage heads.

High Speed

The special brushless motor is what allows for ultra-quiet massage therapy, while still maintain 5 adjustable speeds.

The high-speed motor creates between 1400 and 3200 strokes per minute depending on your speed setting.

Swap out the different percussive heads to create a completely customizable and comfortable massage experience anytime you wish!

Practical & Easy to Use

An angled 15-degree massage head allows you to hold your massage gun comfortably and still reach all areas of your body including your neck, spine, back, arms, chest, legs, and feet.

Enjoy a professional-grade product that is convenient and easy to use on a daily basis…


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