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Panatta Standing Total Arms is a dual-function machine that enables a complete arm workout, perfectly reproducing the curling movement for the biceps and the push-down movement for the triceps. The main benefits are optimal tension over the entire ROM guaranteed by the CAM and greater safety compared to the use of free weights such as dumbbells and barbells.

The wide footplate with anti-slip treatment and several adjustments of the machine make the Standing Total Arms suitable to adapt to users of all sizes. On the other hand, the rotating handle has multiple grips that reproduce the straight bar with large grip and EZ barbell mouldings with two different widths, narrow and medium.

There is instantaneous switch from biceps to triceps or vice versa; this makes the Standing Total Arms not only versatile in general, but also irreplaceable when training arms in supersets, without the need to change equipment or station as is the case with free weights or other strength kit.


Starting with the handle from the lower position, the biceps curl with EZ bar is simulated; the grip can be:

• wide, with hands in perfect supine position;

• medium or narrow with the hands in semi-supine position, so to avoid forcing on the elbow joints.

Among the different grips, the wide straight grip and the medium-angled grip allow to slightly flex the shoulder after the elbow has been fully flexed, thus leading to a greater peak of muscle contraction.


Starting with the handle from the upper position the push-down is simulated with straight or angled bar, that similarly to the previous case, allows two types of grips: wide grip with the hands perfectly prone or a medium/narrow grip with the hands in a semi-prone position. Even in this last case, the two angled positions minimize forcing on the elbow joint while still ensuring optimal muscular stimulation.

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