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Best Sleep Monitor – Bluetooth Tracker with Free APP & PC Report


Better Sleep and Happier Life.

Tell you when your O2 Level is lower, or HR is higher/lower than the threshold you preset.

Turn on/off them, adjust the threshold and intensity separately to fit you best.

* Note: The App bi bi bi only when your phone stays in the Dashboard of the App and is not locked.

Intuitive Report Reveals Body Insights

  • Save history data to your phone unlimitedly at no additional cost.
  • Detailed analysis and trends of your overnight O2 levels, heart rate, and body movements.
  • Zoom in/out a chart to view exact info in 4 seconds intervals.
  • Share unlimited reports directly.
  • Integration with Apple Health.


Built-in rechargeable battery. 12-16 hours battery life.”Best Sleep Monitor”

Built-in Memory

Work stand-alone, even without a smartphone.

The device can store 4 sessions of data, up to 10 hours for each.

Notice: The built-in memory can store 4 sessions. The oldest will be overwritten by the 5th. Please sync data to your phone in time.

Professional and Trusted PC/Mac reports

Via free Windows PC/Mac App. Export, print or share the PDF/CSV format overnight O2 reports unlimitedly…”Best Sleep Monitor”


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