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Accessible Yoga: Easy methods to Modify 9 Frequent Yoga Poses


Accessible yoga exists regardless of what social media could painting. In truth, since yoga is for each physique, there are modifications which you can discover in most poses to make them extra accessible in your physique particularly.

When you have a physique, then you are able to do yoga! Even frequent yoga poses can turn into extra accessible, which is what we’ll discover on this yoga pose tutorial article. 🙂

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Accessible Yoga – Right here’s Easy methods to Modify 9 Frequent Yoga Poses:

Seize a few yoga blocks (or two books which might be the identical top), a blanket, and a chair to make these 9 frequent yoga poses extra accessible.


1. Little one’s Pose (Balasana)

childsLittle one’s Pose is often used as the primary pose in a yoga class and is commonly supplied as a resting pose for college students who desire a break throughout class.

However Little one’s Pose may cause ache within the knees and hips and is way from a resting pose for some.

Let’s make this frequent yoga pose an accessible yoga pose:

  • From a kneeling place place a block on the bottom at its slim width between your toes
  • Stack two blocks collectively for extra top if desired
  • Unfold your knees wider than your hips
  • For much more assist, place a folded blanket behind your knees
  • Ship your hips again to relaxation on the the blocks
  • Attain your arms lengthy in entrance of you, inserting your palms face down on the mat
  • Let your chest and abdomen fall between your thighs
  • Maintain your higher physique lively by reaching lengthy out of your tailbone to your fingertips
  • Relaxation your brow on the ground or one other block


2. Cobra Pose (Bhujangasana)

cobraCobra Pose is a mild backbend and chest opener. However the pose may cause a pinching sensation within the decrease again for some yogis. Spreading the toes vast as a substitute of retaining the toes collectively may also help to alleviate this.

Let’s make this frequent yoga pose an accessible yoga pose:

  • Lay in your stomach along with your palms on both sides of your chest
  • Unfold your toes vast to the edges of your mat
  • Discover a slight inside rotation of your legs in order that the highest of your thighs and toes are on the mat
  • Press your legs and pubic bone firmly into the bottom
  • Activate your core by gently pulling your abdomen and decrease again in towards your backbone
  • Use the muscular tissues in your again to carry your chest off the bottom
  • Discover size in your backbone by pulling your self ahead along with upward
  • Your palms can keep on the bottom, or you’ll be able to come to your forearms when you expertise hand or wrist ache, discovering Sphinx Pose as a substitute of Cobra


3. Plank Pose (Phalakasana or Kumbhakasana)

forearm plank 1Plank Pose is a full physique strengthener that rapidly warms the whole physique. Accidents can happen within the palms, wrist, shoulders, or again if carried out incorrectly or when you maintain longer than your physique power permits.

Let’s make this frequent yoga pose an accessible yoga pose:

  • Begin in Desk Prime Pose
  • Come to your forearms, inserting your elbows beneath your shoulders to alleviate strain in your palms and wrists
  • Your forearms ought to be parallel to one another along with your palms face down on the mat
  • Stroll your knees again separately till you discover a straight line out of your knees to the crown of your head
  • Go away your toes curled beneath for a bit extra assist within the pose
  • Lengthen alongside your back and front physique and pull your muscular tissues in towards your heart
  • Maintain your head consistent with your backbone and your collarbones spreading vast
  • Discover the place your hips are – you need them to remain consistent with your shoulders and knees slightly than dropping down or lifting up

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4. Crescent Lunge (Anjaneyasana)

lungeCrescent Lunge each strengthens and stretches the physique. Focused muscular tissues embody the quadriceps, hamstrings, hip flexors, glutes, calves, and shoulders. That’s a whole lot of work in a single pose!

When you have tighter hips or shoulders, this pose may not really feel nice.

Let’s make this frequent yoga pose an accessible yoga pose:

  • From Down Canine, take a big step ahead along with your proper foot, inserting it between your palms
  • Bend your left leg retaining your heel lifted and your toes urgent into the bottom
  • Use your core to assist with stability, press into each toes, and carry your chest
  • Maintain your again leg bent, permitting for extra stability in your hips
  • Level your tailbone towards the bottom to search out impartial hips and take away any sway in your again
  • Maintain your arms shoulder-width aside, palms going through one another, and carry them towards the sky any quantity
  • Go away your arms consistent with your chin slightly than your ears to lower pressure throughout your shoulders
  • Activate your core and lengthen by your backbone
  • This pose also can work as a alternative for Warrior 1


5. Triangle Pose (Trikonasana)

triangleTriangle Pose challenges our stability whereas engaged on each power and suppleness. It’s a foundational pose discovered in lots of yoga lessons, however it may be difficult to really feel steady on this pose.

Let’s make this frequent yoga pose an accessible yoga pose:

  • From Mountain Pose (Tadasana), separate your toes and place a number of blocks stacked collectively between them
  • Go away your left foot the place it’s and take an enormous step to the facet along with your proper foot
  • Land along with your toes wider than hip-width aside and your proper foot at a few 45-degree angle
  • Convey your palms to relaxation in your hips
  • Tilt your pelvis by barely lifting your proper hip larger than your left
  • Attain your left arm lengthy towards the entrance of your mat to search out size by your backbone, after which carry it to relaxation on the blocks
  • Go away your proper hand the place it’s, or prolong it towards the ceiling, retaining it consistent with your shoulder
  • Activate each legs by concurrently urgent down into the bottom along with your toes whereas calmly pulling them towards one another
  • Open by your chest by rotating your ribs up towards the ceiling
  • Gaze down on the mat to assist with stability
  • Attempt it out on each side


6. Warrior 3 (Virabhadrasana III)

warrior3Warrior 3 is a deceptively difficult stability pose. Leaning ahead whereas standing on one foot can throw off your stability, significantly if in case you have underlying vertigo points, or perhaps a head chilly.

Let’s make this frequent yoga pose an accessible yoga pose:

  • Seize a chair and place it on the mat in entrance of you with the again of the chair going through you
  • Return to Mountain Pose
  • Attain ahead and seize the the again of the chair along with your palms
  • Put a micro bend in your proper leg and shift your weight into your proper foot
  • Carry your left foot off the mat and prolong it lengthy behind you
  • Lean ahead as you carry your again leg, making an attempt to make a T form along with your physique
  • Maintain your left foot flexed and drop your left hip down in order that your hip bones are each parallel to the bottom
  • Go away your palms on the again of the chair, or stroll your palms ahead in order that your forearms relaxation on the chair
  • Press down, not ahead, into the chair
  • You may as well place your left foot on a wall for much more assist
  • Maintain your hips stacked over your proper foot
  • Lengthen by your backbone and the edges of your physique
  • Gaze on the floor
  • Whenever you’er prepared, attempt it out on the opposite facet


7. Eagle Pose (Garudasana)

eagle 1Eagle Pose is one other difficult stability posture. Typically yogis really feel tied up with all of the crossing and wrapping concerned on this pose. The ties will not be accessible as a consequence of tightness, damage, or measurement.

Let’s make this frequent yoga pose an accessible yoga pose:

  • Begin in Mountain Pose (Tadasana)
  • Bend your knees and sit again such as you’re sitting down right into a chair
  • Press firmly into your toes and squeeze your legs collectively
  • Look down and see when you can see your toes – when you can’t, then shift your knees again barely
  • Tilt your pelvis so your tailbone is pointing down towards the bottom
  • Lengthen by your backbone, activate your core, and check out to not arch your again
  • Convey your arms up, stacking them on high of one another and seize your shoulders with reverse palms
  • Stare upon a set level immediately forward
  • Whenever you’re prepared, change to the opposite facet

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8. Bridge Pose (Setu Bandhasana)

bridgeBridge Pose strengthens the core and decrease physique whereas opening the chest and lengthening the backbone. It’s typically used as a preparatory pose for deeper backbends.

This pose can put a lot of strain on the knees, and a few discover that it pinches the decrease again or causes ache within the neck and shoulders.

Let’s make this frequent yoga pose an accessible yoga pose:

  • Begin laying in your again
  • Bend your legs and place your toes on the ground hip-width aside along with your toes parallel
  • If this hurts your again, you’ll be able to transfer your toes barely wider or modify your toes so they’re at a extra pure angle
  • Maintain your knees pointing up towards the sky
  • Place one block between your thighs and squeeze the block to activate your legs
  • Carry your hips and slide one other block beneath your sacrum, permitting your weight to relaxation on the block
  • Prolong your arms and place them on the bottom subsequent to the block
  • Carry your chin barely to take pressure out of your neck
  • Gaze overhead towards the ceiling


9. Glad Child (Ananda Balasana)

happy babyGlad Child supplies a groin and hip stretch. If you need to flail to achieve your toes, otherwise you really feel like your hips are about to blow up on this pose, then you definately want a distinct method.

Let’s make this frequent yoga pose an accessible yoga pose:

  • Begin in your again
  • Tuck your knees in towards your chest
  • Broaden by your collar bones to assist open your chest
  • Relaxation your backbone and head on the mat
  • Maintaining the bend in your legs, ship your knees vast towards your shoulders
  • Flex your toes and prolong them up towards the ceiling
  • Convey your arms right down to the mat
  • Bend your arms and relaxation your thighs in your palms
  • Permit gravity to softly open your hips whereas supporting your legs along with your palms

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Frequent Yoga Poses Can Be a A part of Accessible Yoga Too!

All of our our bodies are created uniquely, and there’s no one-size-fits-all method with regards to yoga asana follow. Use these easy modifications to assist make these frequent yoga poses extra accessible in your physique and wishes.

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