12 Fast-Food Items You Should Never Order – According to Employees

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Fast-food restaurants are a popular choice for quick and convenient meals. However, have you ever wondered what items employees themselves would advise against ordering? In this article, we’ll uncover insights from fast-food employees who have shared their recommendations on what items you should avoid. Let’s dive in!

1. The Mystery Meat Burger

At some fast-food joints, there’s a burger on the menu with an ambiguous name that doesn’t specify the type of meat used. Employees have often warned against ordering this item, as its origin and quality might be questionable.

2. The “Special” Sauce

A certain burger or sandwich might come with a “special” sauce that remains a closely guarded secret. However, employees have hinted that this sauce might not be as fresh as you’d expect, so it’s best to skip it to avoid any unwanted surprises.

3. Fish on a Monday

While fish sandwiches can be a tasty choice, ordering them on Mondays might not be the best idea. Employees have mentioned that some restaurants don’t receive fresh fish supplies over the weekend, which could result in less-than-fresh fish on Monday.

4. Overly Complex Orders

Customizing your fast-food order might seem like a convenient option, but it could lead to mistakes or mix-ups in the kitchen. Employees recommend keeping your order simple and straightforward to ensure accuracy and a quick service.

5. The Unpopular Salad

Fast-food restaurants often offer salads as a healthier option, but employees have admitted that these salads can sometimes sit for a while, leading to less freshness and appeal. Opt for a freshly made alternative instead.

6. Breakfast for Dinner

Some fast-food places serve breakfast all day, but employees have disclosed that the breakfast items might not be as popular during later hours. This could mean they are not as fresh or well-prepared compared to the usual breakfast rush.

7. Ice Cream Machine Treats

While ice cream treats are a favorite for many, the reliability of the ice cream machines at fast-food establishments has been a long-standing joke. Employees suggest that you avoid disappointment and skip the ice cream machine items.

8. Overly Salty Fries

Fries are a classic side dish, but employees have cautioned against ordering them when they appear too salty. Excessive salt on fries can be a sign that they’ve been sitting out for too long.

9. Limited-Time Offerings

Fast-food restaurants often introduce limited-time menu items to attract customers. However, employees reveal that these items may not be as carefully prepared as regular menu items, so approach them with caution.

10. Unpopular Hot Dogs

Hot dogs might not be a top-selling item at certain fast-food places, leading to less demand and potential freshness issues. It’s better to choose other options that are more frequently ordered.

11. The Gigantic Milkshake

While a massive milkshake might seem like a tempting treat, employees advise against ordering one unless you’re ready for a sugar overload. These shakes are often loaded with calories and sugar, leading to potential regret afterward.

12. The Mystery “Fresh” Fruit

Some fast-food establishments offer fruit cups or parfaits as a healthier option. However, employees suggest being cautious of the “fresh” fruit, as it may not always live up to its name.


Next time you find yourself at a fast-food restaurant, keep these insights from employees in mind. To ensure a satisfying and safe dining experience, it’s best to avoid certain items that might not meet your expectations of quality, freshness, or taste.


1. Are these warnings applicable to all fast-food chains?

While the recommendations come from fast-food employees in general, the specific items to avoid may vary from one chain to another. It’s always a good idea to ask about the freshness and quality of specific menu items before ordering.

2. Can I still customize my order?

Yes, you can customize your order, but keep in mind that complex modifications may increase the chance of mistakes in preparation. Keep your changes simple to ensure accuracy.

3. Are all limited-time offerings problematic?

Not necessarily, but some limited-time items might not receive the same level of attention and quality control as regular menu items. If you’re curious about a limited-time item, it’s best to ask about its popularity and preparation process.

4. Should I completely avoid fish sandwiches on Mondays?

While it’s not a strict rule, avoiding fish sandwiches on Mondays might reduce the chance of getting less fresh fish. If you have other favorite menu items, you might want to save the fish for another day.

5. Can I trust the “special” sauce?

The “special” sauce can be hit or miss, depending on the restaurant. If you’re unsure about it, consider trying the standard condiments instead for a familiar and reliable taste.


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